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The Regional Report on the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Conflict-Affected Countries in the Arab Region is one of the first and only comprehensive assessments of the impacts of conflict on...

ويشمل التقرير، في مبادرة إقليمية، الدول الأعضاء التي تشهد نزاعاُ، والخارجة من نزاع، والمتأثرة بنزاع.

As part of its global mandate on mobility and migration, IOM's Transition and Recovery Division (TRD) oversees programming to support states and populations to prevent displacement and other migration crises and to...

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Medical Services on the Move Reach Communities Forced to Flee in Ma’rib

A woman In Al Jufainah receives free medicine for her children from an IOM Mobile Clinic.  Photo: Elham Al-Oqabi/IOM 2021

Ma’rib - Every morning, a team consisting of a doctor, medical assistant, pharmacist, and midwife boards a clinic on wheels in Ma’rib, stocking it with supplies and medicine before starting their day’s journey.


المجتمعات تبعث الحياة في الأراضي الزراعية التي تضررت بسبب التغير المناخي

محمد سلمان، يمتلك أرض زراعية في وادي ذهب. يفكر في أزمة التغير المناخي. الصورة: رامي إبراهيم/ المنظمة الدولية للهجرة اليمن.


Kind-Hearted Caretaker Nurses Abandoned Child Back to Health

Ma’rib – Last year, a father approached IOM’s office in Ma’rib, carrying his three-year-old son, Ayman*, in his arms. Ayman was sick and malnourished. 

The father put his child on a chair in the reception area and said he could no longer care for or afford his son’s treatment.

“It is a humanitarian organization’s job to take care of people in need” said Ayman’s father in despair before leaving the office.

“Please take care of my son.” 


Cash Aid Helps Thousands of Displaced Families Send Their Children Back to School

Taibah, a displaced woman, describes the difficulties she faces as a displaced person in Ma’rib. Elham Al-Oqabi IOM/2021.

Ma’rib - Taibah lived a decent life with her husband and ten children in her nice house in Al Hodeidah governorate until the fierce clashes took all they had and forced them to flee leave to Raghwan in Ma’rib nearly two years ago.


Fighting Fires and Saving Lives in Yemeni Displacement Sites

Ma’rib – Ma’rib is currently providing a home to an estimated 1 million internally displaced Yemenis. Displacement camps in the governorate serve as a safe haven from violence for the majority of those displaced but they can also be a place of danger.

Space in these camps is often severely limited, causing families to erect their makeshift shelters too close together. These cramped shelters, made of scavenged materials, are often installed with overused and faulty electrical networks.