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 يشرف قسم التحول الانتقالي والتعافي (TRD) التابع للمنظمة الدولية للهجرة، كجزء من مهمته العالمية بشأن التنقل والهجرة، على وضع برامج لدعم الدول والسكان ومنع النزوح وأزمات الهجرة الأخرى والمضي قدماً نحو إيجاد حلول...

As part of its global mandate on mobility and migration, IOM's Transition and Recovery Division (TRD) oversees programming to support states and populations to prevent displacement and other migration crises and to...

More than one year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic, the virus continues to generate unprecedented impacts on health, economies, and...

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Cash Aid Helps Thousands of Displaced Families Send Their Children Back to School

Taibah, a displaced woman, describes the difficulties she faces as a displaced person in Ma’rib. Elham Al-Oqabi IOM/2021.

Ma’rib - Taibah lived a decent life with her husband and ten children in her nice house in Al Hodeidah governorate until the fierce clashes took all they had and forced them to flee leave to Raghwan in Ma’rib nearly two years ago.


Fighting Fires and Saving Lives in Yemeni Displacement Sites

Ma’rib – Ma’rib is currently providing a home to an estimated 1 million internally displaced Yemenis. Displacement camps in the governorate serve as a safe haven from violence for the majority of those displaced but they can also be a place of danger.

Space in these camps is often severely limited, causing families to erect their makeshift shelters too close together. These cramped shelters, made of scavenged materials, are often installed with overused and faulty electrical networks.


The Ultimate Dream: A Secure Income, A Secure Life

Aden – Like many young Ethiopians, 23-year-old Mohammed has dreamt of traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to find work and provide a good income to help his family and build a future for himself for years.

Unemployment, economic difficulties, drought and human rights abuses are among the factors that have driven hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians to migrate over the past decade.


Trip of a Lifetime: From Near Death to Full Recovery

Aden – Twenty-one-year-old Ahmed started his journey from his home country of Ethiopia with one goal in mind: to reach the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and find work so he can provide for himself and his family.

He is one of many young Ethiopians who took this journey despite the risks of injury and even death along the way.

“I decided to travel to Saudi after I heard from other Ethiopian men that we can make good money working there,” said Ahmed.

“I did not know that I would lose my health and would not be able work and collect money.”


From Instability to Security: Providing Safer Shelters for Displaced Families in Ma’rib

Ma’rib – “When the rain fell, the rooms in our mud shelter used to melt like chocolate,” recalls Sa’eed, an elderly displaced grandfather living in Ma’rib governorate.

When the 63-year-old man arrived to Husoon Al Hadi displacement site more than four years ago, he built two rooms from mud to provide shelter for his multi-generational family which consisted of 22 people, including his wife, adult children, their spouses and 12 grandchildren.


After a Dream Trip Turned into Tragedy, Ethiopian Migrants Find Safe Passage to Home


Aden – Gamal came to Yemen with one goal in mind: to make a better life for himself. What he did not know was how difficult the journey would be. The smugglers had sold him a different story — an easy journey ending in a land of abundant opportunities.

“Every Young Ethiopian man wants to travel to Saudi because the money we can make is worth more than Ethiopian money,” said Gamal, explaining why he left his country two years ago.


Electricity Upgrades Bring Light and Power to Ma’rib’s Largest Displacement Site

Ma’rib - From the moment they flee, leaving behind their belongings, memories and sometimes families, people displaced by conflict must begin to search for a new home – one that is safe, secure and equipped with the basics. In Ma’rib, a Yemeni governorate surrounded by desert with year-round high temperatures, electricity to power refrigerators, fans and other items is one of the most essential needs. 


Stranded in Yemen but Thinking of the Future: Abdulrahman & Naima’s Stories

Ma’rib – This was not Abdulrahman’s first time travelling through Yemen hoping to make it to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). He managed to reach the wealthy Gulf country once before. He lived there for two years until he was found working while undocumented and forcibly returned by the authorities.

But with few employment options at home, he decided to attempt the journey again.