Assistance and Protection

In 2017, in the MENA Region, 5,440 migrants benefited from AVRR, that is 7.5% of AVRR worldwide, and 10,163 migrants benefited from AVRR back to the MENA region, that is 14.1% of AVRR worldwide. 

Regarding AVR from MENA countries, the three countries providing the greater number of AVR assistance are Yemen (1,942), Morocco (1,733) and Tunisia (579). These three countries account for 78.2 % of all AVR/R assistance in the region. Reasons for voluntary return vary between countries. For instance, in the Maghreb region, people from West and Central Africa trying to make their way to Europe without sufficient legal and financial means often get blocked before crossing the Mediterranean Sea. They become trapped without sufficient resources to integrate into the host country. In order to get out of this dire situation, they are often left with no choice but to apply for return assistance. On the other hand, in order to flee the war in Yemen, numerous Somalians and Ethiopians have asked for IOM’s assistance to return safely to their country of origin.  

Regarding AVR/R back to MENA countries, the three biggest receiving countries are Iraq (7,096), Algeria (1,093) and Sudan (529). These three countries account for 85.8% of all AVR/R in the region (69.8% for Iraq alone). Migrants who want to return to the MENA region return in the great majority (but not only) from European countries.