IOM has been involved in the UAE since 2008, when it was engaged with the Ministry of Labour in the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) and its Permanent Secretariat. A 2015 thematic priority on recruitment under the ADD was supported by IOM through the implementation of a comprehensive research study, “Research on the Labour Recruitment Industry between United Arab Emirates, Kerala (India) and Nepal”, commissioned by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The study examined the recruitment processes from India and Nepal to the UAE, with a focus on low-skilled and semi-skilled workers and the structural factors that lead to the vulnerability of these workers to various forms of abuse and exploitation.  Since 2015/16, IOM is managing the implementation of the SDC and UAE Government funded Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme, a multi-phased labour market integration and orientation project for Member States of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue. 

Key Donors

Abu Dhabi Dialogue Permanent Secretariat

Swiss Development Cooperation


Labour Migration and Human Development 

The Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme (CIOP) aims to strengthen the social and labour market integration and protection of foreign workers in Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) Member States through the development of tailored orientation programmes. CIOP Phase II is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), while Phase II Plus (December 2018 – June 2019) is funded by the UAE Government.